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Power of Positive Thinking

January 1, 2018



Everything that you have ever wanted is all around you and flows vibrantly inside of you. Hidden in the depths of your being is the power and tools you need to reach Nirvana, an eternal state of happiness, but you have been blinded by society. Humans have populated and polluted the world at an alarming rate, and as a whole we are moving in the wrong direction. This is evident in the violence and intolerance that surrounds us, and in the destruction we have inhibited on our planet.


You are born with everything you need to live a life of fulfillment, but you lose this perception as you grow older. As a victim to what the media portrays, you neglect what is most important and forget how powerful and beautiful you really are. Most of us get trapped in a realm that centers around greed and materialism, which separates you from your fellow beings, leaving you in isolation and yearning. Some end up with feeling so helpless that they choose not live anymore. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can change who you are, and by doing so, ultimately change the world.

The brain can be conditioned in remarkable and delusional ways. You have the power to recondition your thoughts to gain a different perspective of the world. If we awaken focused on the negative aspects of our life, we are bound to attract more negative occurrences. However, if we embrace each day with an intentional gratefulness for our surroundings, and with a clear focus on fulfilling our wildest dreams, we are free to embark on a journey of infinite happiness.


Visualization and imagination are powerful tools that we all possess, yet hardly utilize. As children, we lived in a world of imagination; as adults, we are constantly being forced back into reality. But what if you could turn your visualizations into reality?


A few years ago, I woke up determined to catch a sailfish. I started by closing my eyes and pretending that I had one on my rod. I pictured my fingers grasping tightly to the reel as I lifted the tip and then winded down with all my might, and fantasized about the exhilaration I would feel watching the sail soar out of from the deep blue sea.


I could almost fill my muscles aching with exhaustion as depicted how proud I would be when I finally landed the majestic fish onto the boat. At that moment, I thanked the universe aloud for allowing me to witness one of her incredible creations and gently released the sailfish back in the water. I replayed these scenes over and over again and even wrote a pretend Facebook post highlighting my catch.


Later that day, within eleven minutes of trolling, I landed my first sailfish exactly the way I had imagined! Call it what you want to call it, but this event only strengthened my belief that we are the creators of our own happiness.


Happiness is the most desirable phenomenon sought out by humans, and one is closer to achieving this than he or she may think. Every journey must begin with an open heart, an open mind, and open arms; by opening these portals you can allow the infinite knowledge of the universe to guide you. Though our ultimate goal is one of wholeness, or an absolute understanding of who we are in this world, we will not be complete unless we allow the flow of change, energy, and wisdom to trickle down deep within us and then move forward in an irony of impermanence. To regain this wisdom, you must open your heart and view the world from a different perspective. Give it a try; you have nothing to lose and you’ll never know what you might find.


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